Do I need a maintenance contract?

Most manufacturers offer at least a 1 year warranty. This is all well and good, but who pays the labour required to identify simple malfunctions from truly faulty parts, and then professionally remove, (without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty), while directly dealing with the manufacturer? Unfortunately the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover these services. They certainly won’t pay a service company to perform this duty on your behalf. And why argue with large companies who consider you business to be an insignificant percentage of their sales.

As registered installers of telecommunications equipment, DPV can professionally inspect and remove faulty equipment quickly and efficiently. A maintenance contact covers the labour service costs on top of the manufacturers warranty for the first year. Any extended maintenance contract beyond this period will then continue to cover the service labour as well as the parts after the manufacturers warranty expires. If the parts are already over a year old, or where purchased through a different company, DPV will provide a maintenance contact to cover the cost of parts and service labour.

Why take risks when you can have a high priority premium service, with full coverage on the cost of parts and labour.

As part of a maintenance contract, you will receive:
• Coverage of both parts and labour
• Priority over non-maintenance customers for any urgent work
• Most basic programming changes related to the necessary operation of your phone services
• Complete peace of mind

For more information on what we can offer your business please contact us.

Service Request
If you require a qualified technician to attend your site, please provide contact us.

Standard Callout Rates
$180 Ex. GST (for the first hour)
$110 Ex. GST (subsequent hourly rate)

Surcharges may apply for urgent assistance within a 24 or 72 hour period. The above rates are labour only and do not include any materials. The customer will incur the costs of any materials used to carry out the work requested.